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Summit Retail Solutions

A new take on home products

A contemporary home company lets its bright personality shine with a new brand and website design


Summit Retail Solutions believes that everyone deserves a little luxury. That’s why they develop innovative home products made with top notch materials…without the price tag that goes with it.

Starting with its New Domaine product line, Summit Retail wanted its customers to not just be delighted with the products they buy, but with their entire online shopping experience.

In keeping with the warm, open-minded spirit of the company, we wanted to create a brand and website that was fun, approachable and aspirational, featuring the line’s contemporary decor and natural products in a friendly, inviting setting.

Keeping things tidy
A clutter-free home page

We organized the New Domaine product line into three basic categories, Bed, Bath and Living, for a simple, no-fuss navigation. Cards displaying featured products provide easy access to best-selling items.

newdomaine-mobile sheets
newdomaine-mobile comforter
newdomaine-mobile cooking

Never a dull moment...

We sourced unique, often quirky imagery and crafted equally humorous copy to set a lively stage for New Domaine’s product pages. Famous quotes coordinate with the focus of the page and build upon the brand’s strong point of view as witty but welcoming.


Tying it all together with humor

Brightly colored, comical footer images unify the page design and reinforce not just the page content but the brand itself, boasting the latest products for affordable luxury.


Weaving in wit
Down to the fine print

No page was spared by New Domaine’s sense of humor. Even the normally mundane informational pages perk right up with amusing imagery and content.


“We developed a great partnership with Design Principles on various web site, packaging and logo design, development and implementation. We appreciate their attention to detail, availability to make and discuss changes, and exemplary design aesthetic. I can’t wait to work on our next project together!”

Merchandising Specialist
Summit Retail Solutions

What's in the box?
Photography-driven packaging

We shot custom product photos in the studio and blended the final images with cheerful lifestyle photography for product packaging.

top down mop
Sparkle Steam Mop Packaging
sparklebox assembled
Pillow 1 - Bamboo
panda life box assembled

We developed independent package designs to distinguish the different products, but selected type, color palette and photography styles that allow the products to live together cohesively under their parent company.

Panda Life - Single Pillow Packaging

Shooting a full suite of products

In addition to the packaging imagery, we shot additional product photography to build a full asset library for both digital and print use.

Pillow 2 - Cooling Texture
Panda Life_home
Panda Life_interior2

Moving from whimsy to tranquility
Introducing Panda Life

An addition to New Domaine, we helped Summit Retail with a new look and website design for their Panda Life pillow line.

With a clean, modern style similar to New Domaine, the Panda Life site takes on a tranquil tone with a softer color palette and calming photography, harkening to the natural materials and fibers used in their products.

Panda Life_interior1
Panda Life_MOBILE -2
Panda Life_MOBILE -1
Panda Life_MOBILE -3