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Championing a city rich in diverse culture

A large municipal site that serves as a hub where citizens can connect with thirty city departments, stay informed, and locate what they need easily.


Our City of Brockton website redesign project underscores the value of strategically planned information architecture.

Over 1,000 pages of content needed attention and organization, and hundreds of public documents needed to be made available to citizens and business owners. All of this information needed to be served in a concise and logical format.

We worked with the City of Brockton’s Information Technology Department to transform and modernize the city’s site under the direction of the late Mayor Carpenter and his team. The result is a streamlined website with the strength and speed of a champion, packed with powerful features that are sure to impact the community on many levels.


A new logo design makes a statement for the city

Personifying the City of Champions with the age-old symbol of victory, the Olympic flame, brands the new site. The regenerative power of the flame makes this an ideal emblem. The torch has been passed from “Old Brockton” to “One Brockton,” and lights the way for the future.

A digital city center
Designing a site for an active, bustling city

The Home Page was redesigned, reorganized and refreshed with content that includes:

  • City Status Bar with up-to-the-minute information, emergency alerts and instructions
  • City News section with announcements and news prominently displayed
  • Citywide Calendar filterable by department, boards and committees with quicklinks to related documents like agendas and meeting minutes
  • MuniMapper providing access to information from the MassGIS statewide repository

With improved access to community resources and ease of navigation the site overhaul has made it easier to locate and contact your elected officials, city personnel and featured team members. From finding videos of city council meetings to researching the rich history of the city, the information citizens need is at their fingertips.


A virtual city hall

Visitors to the site will find the Virtual City Hall helpful in linking to all Online Services including permitting, parcel search, assessors map, SeeClickFix, jobs and more. Paying a bill or applying for a permit is just a click away.


An integral aspect of this project was revamping vital documents that visitors would be likely to need, including a map of the City's parking lots.


Keeping the city running

Thoughtfully planned information architecture enables the new site to serve complex information in a simple and straightforward layout. Hundreds of pages of content were reviewed, refreshed, and consolidated; and the bulk of data was transformed into a lean, well-organized sitemap. The result? Informative page content that reads clearly and is easy to parse even on mobile devices.

Brockton’s upgraded website emphasizes accessibility, inclusivity, and performance. In keeping with the vision of “One Brockton” the new site celebrates diversity with a wide range of accessibility options.

With state-of-the-art language translation capability, ease of use through intuitive navigation and access to information through a new Public Documents Library, the site improvements promote inclusivity at all levels. From residents or business owners to visitors and potential investors, there is something here for everyone.


Accessibility is key
Readily available info

Putting a visitor "on the scent" of the information they sought is always a high priority. Assembling pages that gathered disparate pieces of resident information created a set of "single source" locations that keep all useful information at hand.

We also developed a customizable public documents repository. By maximizing scripting tools and implementing our elegant method of file structure and classification, we’ve made it easier than ever to search a continually expanding archive of public documents. This is a must have for cataloging meeting minutes, agendas and virtually any type of document that is routinely updated.