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Factory Five Racing

A custom-site build for award-winning car builders

You can almost hear the rev of finely tuned engines when this site loads – speed, sleek design and ingenuity are on display.


Geared toward engaging car and racing enthusiasts, this website celebrates the sport of racing and the art of building your own car from the ground up.

With a GDUSA Web Design Award under our belts for the prior Factory Five web build, the DP team was revved up and eager to get under the hood again for a new FFR build. Our goal? To create a site that would have the look and feel of a high-end showroom… where, beyond cars, dreams could be on display.

Souped up with interactive features to encourage visitors to visualize how they can use the kits to customize their own dream builds, and slicked out with car photos that will make even a non-enthusiast drool, we aimed to turn into a vehicle for realizing dream cars. Here's how we did just that, and took home a repeat award for our collaboration with Factory Five Racing web development team.

A modern layout with ease of access from desktop to mobile

Okay, so visiting Factory Five’s website isn't quite as exciting as getting behind the wheel of one of their legendary builds, but to our team of nerds it sure causes our hearts to palpitate.

Envision: Photo-rich drop down menus using profiles of each model allowing visitors to cruise through the site and find what they’re looking for at racing speed. News excerpts tease visitors into FFR's high-performance News & Events section. Kit-Car "feature" bands invite visitors to get behind the wheel with a state-of-the-art interactive features display. Responsive layouts that don't hide the important features, but make them easily accessible whether you are visiting on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

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From roadster to hot rod
A kit build for every style

"The Built, Not Bought Company!" — Factory Five Racing has been building kit cars for almost 25 years. The company has grown from a start-up business in a small garage to the world’s largest manufacturer of "build-it-yourself" component car kits. Their suite of cars from roadster to hot rod are  made right here in New England! Over the nearly ten years Design Principles has worked with Factory Five, we have marveled at their team, their talents and these AMAZING kit cars — That's why we made it our goal to develop a website worthy of this company and their incredible community of enthusiasts!

High-performance interactivity
on super sexy kit pages

Individual kit pages draw visitors in with slideshows featuring inspirational car photos, interactive overviews and carousels that point out prized kit features, FAQ's, build videos, galleries, press articles, kit configuration modules, and of course, access to the all famous Factory Five Forum.

There's something here for every visitors — whether they're looking for visual inspiration or to scan the content for a general overview, or if they prefer to delve deep into the details, it's all here, and it's SEO-rich, too.

Kit Landing Page

Where dream builds take shape and come to life

We implemented a modern layout backed by solid technical solutions and varied the interactivity with features such as the one depicted below encouraging  visitors to explore their curiosity and drive their own experience.

High performance interface with power steering at your fingertips

We reorganized and broke up dense paragraphs of text into visually-driven sliders that better prioritize important SEO-based content. The automatic rotation of these slides can be manually overridden encouraging visitors to peruse content at their own pace and easily zero in on the details they are seeking.


“Working with Design Principles on Factory Five’s website was an awesome experience! It is so much fun to brainstorm and bounce ideas around with Karen and Mike, see them take that information, and create something better than you had imagined. They are great to collaborate with, and I also learned a lot of new skills that I’m able to use daily while continuing to work on the site and other projects.”

Factory Five Web Master

A company with a dedicated community

The members of the Factory Five community share an appreciation of craftsmanship and a love of brilliantly engineered high-performance cars. Their excitement fuels the content and lends a contagious spirit of excellence to the site. It’s inspiring to see how they support each other in the forum and across the social media platforms, sharing their knowledge and experience. There is no shortage of enthusiasm as evidenced by the photos and stories community members share. We made it a priority to ensure folks have easy access to that community, to stay engaged and informed with the FFR forum, FFR News, FFR Build School, social media outlets, and their calendar of events.



We're big fans of Factory Five Racing's webmaster

We’re beaming with pride to share that FFR's webmaster, David Lindsey, is a former student of ours. An accomplished webmaster and marketing professional, Dave also designs Factory Five Racing's sleek full-color catalog as well as all of their advertising, and manages Factory Five's social media presence on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and linkedin. We're talking multi-talented to say the least!