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Pair Payments & Pair TV

Pairing a unique brand with a great new identity

A multi-vendor site focused on delivering solutions that work for small business owners.


Laying the groundwork for a fruitful brand identity
A flexible logo and tagline

Our responsive Pair Payments logo is the core of this brand, starring a simple vector image of a fresh green pear with its curves suggesting promise and fullness. Those curves are echoed in the round and friendly typeface that is at once approachable while still feeling polished and tech-savvy. Add to that a cheerful palette that speaks to nature, abundance and vitality; and you see why savvy entrepreneurs choose to be fruitful.


An industry stand-out
Creating a digital experience for the savvy consumer


Finding the right balance for an expanding suite of products

We know that visitors to this site will value anything that saves them time and aggravation. Keeping the busy solepreneurs of the world in mind through every stage of the design process was central to our site structure.

Their clients have staked a lot on realizing their entrepreneurial dreams, and we wanted every moment spent at the Pair Payments site to feel simple and easy.

The support that this company offers its clientele will translate into long-term partnerships.


Appealing to a diverse market of small business owners

We chose hero shots depicting diverse business owners running a wide range of businesses from solepreneurs of salons and bakeries to car wash chains and multi-location restaurants, to service-based ones. It’s easy to visualize the dreamers behind the solepreneurs, to imagine the stories of their American dreams and to find something of yourself in them.


The future is green
Growing the brand in all directions

We wanted the website to show how Pair Payments is uniquely poised to grow and develop along with new markets and innovations.

pair paymentsstationery

Introducing Pair TV
Expanding the Pair brand to streaming services

PairTV is a perfect example of how Pair Payments can branch out and thrive on many platforms.

One of the challenges for us was an immediate launch date that required intense work across our team. We created the full PairTV brand from soup to nuts with everything from sell sheets to a fully functional website rolled out and ready in one month.

This is an exciting time to venture into streaming services, as wave upon wave of technical innovation is created. Who knows what future gadgets will feature Pair TV and what kinds of interactive experiences might be made available?