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Northland Residential

A brand with major curb appeal

An established builder gets a fresh, sophisticated rebrand along with a new website to represent their exceptional work and reputation


Northland Residential is no ordinary builder—it’s a company steeped in integrity. Their work is exquisite and their process is thoughtful, right down to every last touchpoint.

Northland is known for its time-honored principles, offering service so superior to other builders at their price point that clients are both willing and eager to invest in them.

To get their branding and website to better match the high-end quality of their work, we took Northland through our discovery process, starting with collaborative in-person and on-screen workshops.

After surveying clients, key partners and board members in an effort to help illuminate outside perceptions of Northland’s team and their work, we confirmed that the Northland brand should portray a contemporary vibe coupled with a classic flair. Our goal, to reflect their 46-year legacy of building exceptional communities in exquisite settings.

Responsive logo design
Every strong brand starts with a good foundation

Northland’s logo needed a more modernized look while maintaining classic sophistication. We redrew their compass to have more understated lines directing it northward to better represent the Northland name. We then paired this more refined compass rose with an equally elegant color palette and traditional lettering for a striking result.


Form + function
Building an identity

We rolled out the new brand in a simple and streamlined manner, developing signage, standard branding materials, and built templates for Northland’s in-house marketing department so they could ensure brand consistency and compliance across all of their efforts.


Excellence on display
A digital platform that lets the work speak for itself

Northland's team practices excellence in all aspects of what they do. From their dedicated work ethic and visionary environmental principles to their superior service, Northland's work sets the standard for distinctive residential development. We simply created a place for their exceptional work to shine with pages populated with striking photography of their homes and SEO-rich narratives that invite you to learn more about their unique communities.


A showcase for extraordinary homes

We interviewed Northland’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Elaine Leonard, who has been with the company since 2006 and who is extremely knowledgeable about each of the neighborhoods we featured on their website. With Elaine’s help we were able to capture the fascinating stories behind each build to draw visitors in and introduce them to what makes a Northland Neighborhood exceptional.


Welcome to the neighborhood!

Beautiful photography-driven neighborhood pages, each with as comprehensive photo gallery of interior and exterior shots, welcome visitors to tour properties and make inquiries via custom contact forms.

Additionally, interactive maps of the community display available lots with different home models via pop-up cards.

See it in action

An interactive gallery
Letting the details shine through

To build Northland’s comprehensive photo gallery, we sorted through hundreds of photos to select ones that allowed a visitor to not just see the big picture, but get a closer glimpse at the intricate detail work that sets a Northland property apart from the rest.

See it in action


Beauty in navigation
Gallery-style mega menus

We opted to include the brand and visual aesthetic of each neighborhood directly in the navigation so that visitors get a consistent experience from the start as they navigate through the website.

"Working with the team at Northland Residential was a true privilege. They are the quintessential group of professionals and are fully committed to the properties they develop, their investors, and the families they serve. We were proud of the award-winning work our team delivered—it sprang from our sheer awe of Northland's properties. I hope our visitors will explore their site and consider living in one of their award-winning neighborhoods!"