Passionate educators? Check.

Effective training for your creative needs? Double Check.

Our training division has both custom and established training programs that we offer to private businesses, training facilities and universities.

DP’s training division, Design Principles Institute, offers both custom and established training programs for private businesses, training facilities and colleges. Additionally, DP-i offers custom training programs to companies looking to bring any and all of their advertising and web maintenance in-house. We can provide training on your premises or off as well as online, and can tailor curriculum to your company’s specific needs.

Our professional design curriculum is currently offered at Bridgewater State University. Our flagship program, the Certified Graphics and Web Professional (CGWP) is an intense, professional-level, certificate work-study course covering advanced design principles and techniques for print and the Internet. This 39-week, 245-hour course is geared toward students mastering the perceptual, conceptual, and technical skills required of professional designers. Students gain an understanding of the process of visual communication through intense studies in the science of visual form, typography, design theory, concept and image generation via digital methods and web site development. Other professional certifications available through DP-i are the Certified Graphics Professional and Certified Web Design Professional.

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