We sprinkle a bit of TLC(ode) in our Homegrown Apps

Not all websites are created equal.

We’ve all been there. You go to a website, plug in some information and like magic something really neat happens. Maybe you’ve pre-selected your seat on a plane minutes before takeoff or paid a bill without ever having to whip out your checkbook. Or maybe you heard about companies using custom software to help integrate their data and work more efficiently.

Now, imagine if you had the opportunity to do something amazing with your data and WOW your customers on your own website or increase your company’s productivity?

Introducing Homegrown Apps from Design Principles: complex custom software solutions made easy.

What is this Homegrown App* you speak of?

An app is just a short word for a custom web application. But don’t let its sweet sounding name fool you; an app can be a powerful and intricate tool to integrate data, extract information and even streamline your workflow. There are lots of boxed applications out there, but sometimes you need something tailored to your individual company’s needs.

That’s where our Homegrown Apps come in. They are a prized crop developed by our team of computer geniuses who take your goal and develop a made-to-measure solution using fancy code, his/her powerful brain and lots of creativity.

The result: a completely custom software solution that will make your site more functional and your business more efficient.

Is a Homegrown App right for me?

Great question. Our Homegrown Apps come in many varieties depending on your needs. And whether you’re a small business owner hoping to take your website to the next level or a larger corporation looking to integrate data and increase productivity, we have solutions for even the most complex challenges.

Take a look at some of the ways our Homegrown Apps have helped our clients grow:

  • Quickbooks integration for e-commerce orders to streamline accounting.
  • Custom store-front and inventory management to maximize on-line sales.
  • Content management solutions for greater flexibility when updating your site.
  • Internal company intranet to share confidential information electronically custom database development to utilize existing information for a variety of departments and so much more!

How do I get my own Homegrown App?

The good news? If you can dream it, we can make it happen. And even if you don’t know how it might work, we have perfected a process to identity your business challenge. We’ll work collaboratively with your team to craft a solution and be there every step of the way to ensure your Homegrown App exceeds your expectations.

See what is possible

Become a client or share your business challenge with us. We have a knack for solving problems.

*Fine Print: Comparing a boxed application to a Homegrown App from Design Principles is like comparing a sapling to a Sequoia. Our team is well-versed in the following languages to make your vision a reality: programming languages including PHP and Javascript and content Management Systems including WordPress, Joomla and ExpressionEngine.