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case study

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ZVOX Audio

ZVOX Audio

Client Introduction

ZVOX Audio is a Swampscott, MA based company that specializes in high-quality, affordable single-cabinet surround sound speakers. Looking to simplify home-theater audio, ZVOX focuses on delivering a stellar sound experience while drastically reducing the setup time required and complexity of traditional multi-box home theater surround-sound systems.

Unique Challenge

As big-box electronic retailers continue to garner more market share, it has become increasingly difficult to compete and negotiate for shelf space. Larger, more recognizable names in the consumer electronics industry are squeezing out smaller competitors. ZVOX was finding itself in such a position, and so decided to focus more heavily on their Internet presence, which had been a more reliable sales channel.

ZVOX’s storefront was powered by Yahoo! e-commerce, but the system lacked the flexibility that ZVOX needed to flourish — a more robust and customizable storefront was needed. Additionally, the old website design lacked some of the flash and polish seen on competitor’s websites.

Successful Solution

After careful consideration, ZVOX selected the Make-A-Store e-commerce solution for their new storefront, based on its near-limitless flexibility and our prior mutual experience with the system.

We immediately set out to create a design that would update ZVOX’s image, putting them on an equal or better footing against their competitors in the audio industry.

The completed design is clean and fresh, offering to customers both generously-sized photos of the product and detailed information about them.

We also implemented detailed traffic reporting via Google Analytics for both their website and their email newsletter campaigns, along with other technologies for measuring visitor clickthroughs and their response to the design.