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case study

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Pine Harbor Wood Products

Pine Harbor Wood Products

Master craftsmanship meets master coding in this collaborative masterpiece

Let us introduce you to Pine Harbor Wood Products.

This Cape Cod company is famous for their post-and-beam sheds that replicate the famous New England style homes. Their 3+ acre manufacturing facility in Harwich, MA also produces some of the finest custom-built garages, barns and post-and-beam buildings. (Seriously, check out their gallery!)

Why Pine Harbor came to Design Principles and Michel Cullum Associates

The Pine Harbor crew came to Design Principles with a request to make their website look (almost) as good as their fabulous sheds. More importantly, their existing site had so much information that customers often got overwhelmed and ended up calling the Pine Harbor staff. Pine Harbor wanted to better organize their site so that customers felt empowered and gained valuable information from the website without having to call. Finally, Pine Harbor wanted to use their gallery as a sales tool so that customers could click on a shed they liked and immediately email Pine Harbor with the information.

The Results

When we launched Pine Harbor’s website, we were able to accomplish all of their goals. Here are some of their challenges and the steps we took to solve them:

Challenge: Easy to find and self-explanatory navigation & content

  • A custom designed mega-menu that allowed for additional content in the navigation
  • Slidedecks (a cool jQuery plug-in) that allowed for multiple content in one central location (check it out on the Shed pages)

Challenge: Ability to edit content on their own and drive more qualified sales leads

  • WordPress installation to allow for a content management system (including a cool little widget that would pop up when Pine Harbor announced Specials for a particular product.)
  • Custom-coded gallery that was easy to update in WordPress (also allowed Pine Harbor to categorize their photos with a click of a button) and allowed customers to use as examples when contacting Pine Harbor about the shed they’d like to purchase.
  • Video/Animation on the homepage to highlight their product details (they loved what we did for!)
  • SEO-rich content that highlighted the specific niche of products that people might be searching for.

The Bottom Line

After launching the website, Pine Harbor received a huge decrease in phone calls from customers who could not find information from their website (a really good thing). When they did receive call, almost all of them were qualified customers who were educated, empowered and ready to make a purchase. Their new site elevated their brand, saved them time and allowed them to focus on doing the things they did best.