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case study

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Client Introduction

Delta Electric Motor and Generator is a 31 year old family business that specializes in industrial sales and service of electric motors, control, pumps and reducers. They take being a family business seriously (all 8 brothers work together in the company’s two locations!). Any company that uses motors or controls in their operation would benefit from Delta’s technical experience, mechanical engineering assistance and diagnostic problem solving advice.

Unique Challenge

Delta had been so successful they had never invested in any professional marketing materials. But big corporate competitors had come into the area. Plus, a Client Survey we fielded indicated a number of customers didn’t realize Delta sold equipment. To promote the sales side of their business, since it was very profitable, Delta wanted to target each industry segment separately as the needs of a food processor, for example, are very different than a wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, as manufacturers’ authorized representatives, Delta’s Line Cards needed to affordably and easily accommodate adding or discontinuing distributor relationships. Finally, we needed to ensure their website was an extension of this industry-focused approach.

Successful Solution

Our first goal was to create a professional corporate identity and position them as “solution providers”. We created a crisp graphic image in a shape that reinforced their name. We developed a tag line “Connecting You to Powerful Solutions.” We also added a business description that clearly put “sales” first: “Industrial Sales & Service – motors, controls, pumps & reducers.”

We then helped Delta identify the key industrial segments to target in their Line Cards ending up with 8 groups.

We suggested digital printing to do very small runs (100 – 500) so when manufacturers were added, we could reprint inexpensively and minimize waste. The design of the format allowed us to address each specific industry’s needs efficiently. The advantage was it positioned Delta as having broad expertise covering a vast number of manufacturing and industrial requirements.

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