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March 16, 2012

We were proud of the Port of New Bedford’s site when it launched…but now we have a reason to be beaming!

The Port’s website is one of the top featured sites on SurrealCMS’s homepage.

We used SurrealCMS to help build a functional, yet practical content management system for the Port of New Bedford.

This nifty-difty system is cost-effective, web-based, easy to use and our clients love it. In fact, it’s been our go-to solution for sites that need a content management system on their current site, but don’t necessarily need a complete overhaul.

Interested in learning more about SurrealCMS? Almost any site can be converted to a content management system by using SurrealCMS. If you’re ready to take control, we’re ready to help. Give us a shout: 508-763-1919 or email, or visit our Contact page.

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Mike Cronin

The Author: Mike Cronin

With over twenty years of web design and programming experience, Mike leads our Internet Services Division. His expertise in motivating our team of solution-minded thinkers has resulted in the development of award-winning, standards-based, findable and inherently usable websites.

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