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March 12, 2015

The City of New Bedford gets an award-winning site
(thanks to yours truly!)

The Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) presented the City of New Bedford with the 2015 Municipal Website Award at its annual meeting in January.

Here’s what’s special about this win: The MMA 2015 Municipal Website Award is all about excellence in customer service, functionality, convenience and government transparency. (Basically all things a GREAT website should be awarded for!)

Mayor Jon Mitchell said the City’s online presence reflects the best of New Bedford and we couldn’t agree more. But here’s what makes it so special (aka award-winning!)

“The redesign of the City of New Bedford website was a large project and required tremendous teamwork to be successful. Design Principles worked closely with our MIS department to develop a clean, crisp, navigable site that more than thirty City departments utilize to communicate important information to the public. It is essential that our City’s online presence reflect the best of New Bedford and I am pleased that we have an award-winning website that is as vibrant and appealing as our city.”
-Mayor Jon Mitchell

The Before:

City of New Bedford Website - Before Photo


The Thinking:

New Bedford thinking

The After:

Did we mention the 2015 MMA Website Award? Here are our top 5 takeaways for what makes this an award-winning site:

  1. Quicklinks
    Get in. Get out. These simple little links help the community access the most popular information on the site. When your site is over 2,500 pages, these quicklinks are more like a lifesaver!
  2. Strategic Organization and User-Friendly Navigation
    When your site serves over 44 departments, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. We broke the site’s 2,500 pages into specific funnels for a target audience. Mega-menus help visitors see all the options without having to “dig.”
  3. Special Announcements
    Breaking news, safety information and the latest city-wide announcements are easily found in a prominent location under Special Announcements. Since we used WordPress, the site is editable by the City at a moment’s notice to broadcast the latest and most pressing news.
  4. Photo and Video Galleries
    Each and every department in the city can now access photo and video galleries: bringing their work to life. And because WordPress makes it so easy to integrate information, the photos they publish on their department’s page will automatically show up on the homepage for everyone to see.
  5. Calendar
    Imagine how convenient it must be for the City to publish information once and have it readily available and accessible from multiple places on the site? That’s the calendar feature in a nutshell. Community members can filter information based on their desired department or see all city-wide events and meetings.


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