4 ways to an award-winning website

September 15, 2015

Double up.

Two awards. Two amazing sites. Double the tips to take back to your business.

Who said awards season is over? We’re honored to once again announce that our sites have gained NATIONAL recognition.

Graphic Design USA has named Southeastern Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau and Dellbrook Construction, LLC winners in their 2015 American Web Design Awards.

Here’s what’s special about this win:

Graphic Design USA has been awarding creatives for over FIVE decades. This is our fifth award from them in the past few years.

(Curious about our previous wins? See: YMCA Cape Cod, Access Nantucket, Buttonwood Park Zoo and Factory Five Racing.)


What makes a website award-winning (or more importantly, effective)?

Want to know a secret? Effective web design doesn’t always have to be award-winning to help you gain customers and grow your business.

Not sure if your site is a contender? Here’s a handy checklist to measure the effectiveness of your site.

  • Is your site mobile responsive?
    If not, you probably want to move that to the top of your priority list. Google recently changed its famous search algorithm to make sure mobile responsive sites rank higher than those that aren’t.
  • Can you easily update your site?
    Consumers demand current information for the businesses they visit online. Is your content up-to-date? Are you able to list news, upcoming events or special announcements within minutes? Converting your site to a content management system will allow you to do just that.
  • Can customers search on your site?
    Having that one simple search bar can mean a ton to customers. Adding it will allow them to find what they need without a hassle.
  • Are you capturing your leads?
    Do you have a place for visitors to sign-up for your e-newsletter? Are you directing your traffic to additional social networks? Do you have calls-to-action placed strategically throughout your site to encourage signups? Are your forms functioning? If you didn’t answer yes to each question, you’ll want to consider a strategy for funneling your potential customers through your site and capturing your sales leads.

Don’t panic.

If this list caused you the slightest bit of anxiety, let us help. We’re (award-winning) experts who make highly effective websites.

Give us a call or better yet, fill out this form and we’ll get right back to you!

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