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“I knew we needed to shore up our identity and take steps to improve our website and other key marketing tools—but I never anticipated just how effective the results would be! Even in this down economy my firm has grown fast, and in complete alignment with our goals. Design Principles and Michel Cullum Associates helped us strengthen our strategy, as well as implement it. They were a joy to collaborate with every step of the way.”

Wendi Goldsmith, CPG, CPSSc, President | Bioengineering Group | p: 978-740-0096 x507 |

“We were very impressed with how your team repositioned our company. You refined our logo and corporate look and then extended our new image to all of our marketing ‘touch points.’ From our website, direct mail pieces, advertising, proposals and contractor log-in on our website, you took care of everything with creativity and great attention to detail. In addition, your group was a delight to work with—You went above and beyond to give us templates and train our staff, so we could take the execution in-house which saved us time and money. In this day and age, that was invaluable!”

Marie Walker, CFO |J.K. Scanlan Company, Inc. | p: 508.540.6226 |

“You exceeded our expectations – it was everything I’d hoped for and more!”

Matthew Morrissey, Executive Director | New Bedford Economic Development Council |

“It’s not often I write a note like this but we had to let you know that we are so proud of our new corporate look for Delta. Finally, we have something professional that equals the work we do for our customers. Plus, you helped us focus on our under-optimized market opportunities that have paid back big time!”

Anthony J. Raposa, President |Delta Motors | p: 401-944-8350

“Michel Cullum Associates and Design Principles helped us develop case studies that are actually a pleasure to read and a viable marketing tool. We appreciated how they managed the process and their ‘gentle prodding’ ensured we made our deadlines and kept costs down.

Working with them was both easy and efficient. Their online Project Management System made it extremely easy to review layouts, make changes and oversee several projects simultaneously.

Because they provided both printed and electronic versions of the case studies, we are able to share our case studies across a much wider audience, plus reduce our printing costs while saving a few trees, too. The electronic versions also help us to provide our information to prospective clients immediately. The benefit of that alone is immeasurable.

Their team truly took care of all aspects of our project. From research to interviewing our clients to copywriting and designing the layout and prepress— they were able to do everything we asked. We feel the project went very smoothly because they knew how to manage every detail.”

Josh Lindell, Project Manager | Aquapoint | New Bedford, MA 02745

Network Solutions LogoExperience/knowledge/proficiency — Design Principles has a diverse staff with backgrounds in various fields that lay the foundation for a company that can provide better solutions than the competition.

Integrity — Some designers employ various methods to ensure it is extremely difficult for clients to take their business elsewhere. As an IT consultant, I have seen this done many times by local Internet Service Providers and graphic design companies. Since Design Principles believes that the design work they provide is the intellectual property of their clients, client retention has never been a problem.

Personal Experience — I have been using Design Principles (DP) for many years. From the moment I decided a professional web presence was important, I knew there was no other choice. I also knew that I wanted a website that would be easy for me to change or edit as my needs changed, and I knew that DP would deliver. And deliver, they did.

Different — Unlike other web design companies I have come in contact with the staff at Design Principles actually listen to their clients. This allows them to deliver a final product that is in line with the client’s vision of what the website or design work should look like. Other design companies often deliver a product based on their perception of what the client should have.”

Bill Kirwin, President | Network Services of Cape Cod | p: 508.771.6005 | f: 508.7714995 |

“We wanted a new corporate identity that was fresh, hip and ‘out of the box’; we didn’t want to look like a typical accounting firm. Karen and Wendy really understood what we looking for and that’s what they delivered. It has been over two years and we are still receiving compliments on our new design.”

Michele M. Pratt, cpa, mba, Partner | Hodgson Pratt Associates, PC | New Bedford, MA 02740

“Our wholesale bakery had a major fire in 2007. With all the hardship this brought us, it also gave us an opportunity to reinvent our corporate identity and the way we present ourselves. Your team has been by our side from day one, not only as a team of designers but as advisors and people we could count on to make deadlines and really follow the path we were trying to make for our business. It has been a great pleasure to watch everything fall into place and to hear positive feedback from our customers that love our new image.”

Diana Vujosevic, Partner | Pain D’Avignon|

“Wonderful teachers who understood that we had lives, and created a curriculum that was not only achievable, but as I am finding in the real world, invaluable. The company I work for financially supported my going to school, and know now what a bargain they got in sending me to BSU… for half the cost of one ad done with a Boston design agency, in one year I saved them $250,000 in advertising and collateral materials. Almost instantly the VP of our Marketing Department, as well as the CEO of the Company saw an increase in both the quantity, and quality of my work.”

Annmarie Sanfillippo | CGWP Student

“You made the class a great experience through your patience, humor, support, encouragement and in how you delivered the information to me and my fellow classmates. The movement through the software was obviously strategic; every step proved to be a foundation for the next and as I moved through my self-doubts, a shift occurred for me and possibility came into view…I am someone who has broken free from a dream of action to take action on a dream.

It is my hope that the CGWP course continues inspiring others to recognize their talents, believe in themselves and equip them with the tools and the power to walk through a door they would otherwise not open. I am grateful for you as outstanding teachers and for the vehicle of the CGWP course as an access to art and opportunity. Imagination and knowledge have given me freedom…”

Julie Manley | CGWP Student

“The CGWP program is a tremendous non-credit opportunity for adults in Southeastern Massachusetts who wish to enhance their creative design skills or explore a new career direction.”

Mary Fuller, Director | Bridgewater State University

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